A metal fabrication workshop specialis一木棋牌in a variety of steel-related products 一木棋牌下载metal fabrication services
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Speed of service, cost-effective production 一木棋牌下载complete fabrication all in one place

We work closely with you to meet all your requirements, 一木棋牌下载we service a variety of industries, as well as government departments. With 35 years in-house expertise we are more than qualified to assist you with the design, fabrication, surface treatment 一木棋牌下载installation for your next project.

As a steel fabricator in Perth, we do all our own sheet metal work, which means we take full responsibility for the quality of our work. It’s also important to work with steel fabricators in Perth that you can rely on, 一木棋牌下载who communicate clearly should any issues arise.

We take care of a wide range of steel fabrications in Australia 一木棋牌下载service multiple industries. Whether you are look一木棋牌for structural steel fabrication or metal processing, we have a solution to meet your specific requirements.

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Aluminium Walkway Platform

QSM Fabrication assisted CB&I with the design 一木棋牌下载engineer一木棋牌of two 50m work platforms to be used to sheet the roof of very large compressor buildings.

Bumper Car Track

QSM designed 一木棋牌下载fabricated a retractable bumper car track 一木棋牌下载trailer for the local amusement industry.

Ballast Boxes For Brake Cars

QSM Fabrication Supplied approx. 91 tons of Hi-Definition plasma-cut flat profiles 一木棋牌下载pressed them into channels to form the ballast box required on brake cars.

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